Modern CNY House Decor

Chinese New Year is in a month. Have you started on your decorations already?

I love CNY (mainly because of the red packets 😉 ) but I always feel the decorations looked really…tacky. And it looked identical, every year. I have come to a conclusion that it was mainly due to the colour red.

Does these look familiar?


Red is the colour of CNY. And so every piece of scrolls and lanterns and flower, etc, is red. But I feel that red is a very strong colour. And when there is so much of it in a room, it just makes the room feel stuffy.

But you want to impress, don’t you?

Today’s theme is Modern CNY.

Main mission: go easy on the red for god sake.

Now let’s start with the door!



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Door wreath: Instead of the traditional scrolls and lanterns, try out door wreaths this lovely year. You can just hang this one piece on the door and call it a day, it is basically a piece of art. While making use of red, incorporate other complimenting colours like white and pink.

But I know, you gotta display them rows of garlic garlic. Hang them at the side, one row on the left, one row on the right. Beautiful framing.




Plants, plants, plants. Plants are an essential part of CNY decorations, I’m not sure why but it always have been. Honor the traditions! Usually we see pussy willows, money plants, lucky bamboos being messily hung with ang pows and lanterns, WHICH is made of ang pows. 

Go for a minimalist look and opt for colours like yellow and pink. Hang decorations sparsely so as to not distract people from the main focus: the plants.

Tired of the same plants? This year, try something different.



Dancing ladies, Marigolds, Chrysanthemum, an a Mandarin bush, because why not.




The Other…Decoration…Part..


The main thing here is, try new ways to decorate and make use of different colours. But through all these experiments, your decorations should still translate the spirit of CNY.




B O N U S !!

Why not go all out this year and claim the trophy for Most Awesome House to Visit by setting up a backdrop for selfies and wefies?

Your guests will love you. Though do make sure the backdrop is not too clustered or else it’s going to steal the attention from the subjects of the pictures.

Add in props like fans. Traditional stuffs you know.


Have fun getting ready for CNY and try not to spend all your ang pows in one week.


Love ya!

❤  LX  ❤


Gift Ideas, from Local Businesses

Are you running out of gift ideas? Why not buy from local creators while you’re at it?

Singapore might be small, but we have our fair share of local businesses, created by some very amazing people. I always believe in supporting local businesses especially the small start-ups. So today I’m going to introduce some gift ideas!

The Mindful Company
​I am personally a huge fan of this company. As someone who is all for positive vibes, I find their core value really nice: To inspire and Encourage.

Their products are of quality and elegance, and they range from bracelets to tote bags. Each piece of accessories has a positive message and are perfect for that extra boost one needs sometimes. Accommodates to both female and male, making this an amazing gift for anyone!


The Sustainability Project
We all share the Earth so why shouldn’t we try our best to take care of it?
The zero-waste lifestyle is a truly inspiring one. But for many of us, we might not be able or am not comfortable with going full on zero-waste. But there are many little things that we can do to help preserve our environment, even a little.

Gift someone something that helps the environment – a reusable straw, handmade artisan soap, reusable shaving razor, etc. Not only do we help the environment, but it will definitely save us some bucks in the long run when using reusable items!


Hold up, and look at these earrings first.

​I’m not screaming, you are. Absolutely gorgeous earrings handmade using materials from Korea. A perfect gift for the ladies. Get your girlfriend/wife a pair, get your BFF a pair, get your mum a pair, get your sister a pair, get all the ladies a pair!! — it has diverse styles catering to women with different tastes. I honestly feel as if every piece of jewelry from R I E R U  is a piece of art. Much love for this company.


Some of you might already be aware of this brand since this was started by a local fashion and beauty blogger, Christabel Chua, a.k.a @bellywellyjelly. She is a strong lady with a beautiful personality and it definitely translates into her works.


Life may get us sometimes, hence this whole line of products was created in hopes to lift the spirits of whoever owns them. Their products are super fun, colorful and packed full of good vibes. A meaningful gift for anyone.

Instead of getting shoes for your sneaker heads every single occasion, why not purchase a service? HOLYSTIC are a bunch of professionals who will make sure your sneakers are fresh AF. They have many cleaning services — even a subscription service. You can also purchase a gift card if you are gifting someone.

There! 5 amazing local businesses that hopefully inspired your next gift. Show them some support! Be sure to come back for more similar content in the future, I’ll be anticipating ❤

​With Love,